Mei Ren Jian Yixing Da Hong Pao Clay Tea Pot

Mei Ren Jian Yixing Da Hong Pao Clay Tea Pot


This exquisite Mei Ren Jian tea pot which literally means "Beautiful Shape" is a classic among tea pots in Yixing China.  We were extremely lucky to find this artist made piece in high quality Da Hong Pao clay, which will develop a beautiful lustre over many years of repeated use.  This pot was one of the stand out pieces during our purchasing trip and we are very excited to bring it to our Four Seasons Tea Co. Teaware catalogue. Our Mei Ren Jian Yixing clay tea pot will develop a beautiful sheen with repeated use and comes with this box, protective cover and is suitable for your favourite tea. This tea pot measures 5.0 inches long by 3.3 inches high. 

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Gaiwan Method


Leaf Quantity / 120ml

Water Temperature

Infusion Times (secs)

Teapot Method


Leaf Quantity / 250ml

Water Temperature

Infusion Times (mins)